Laura Alpizar Photography | Favorites of your pictures

How to Select Favorites of your Pictures

Select favorites of your pictures so you can:
- Share them with your photographer (me!) and I can use those pictures for your album
- Share them with your photographer (still me!) so I can create another very selected gallery for your friends!
- Share them with someone else
- Pick and choose for pretty prints!
- Saving them for prints and products for later.
Step 1. Create a Login
So you can save the favorites and access them later, from anywhere! Easy-peasy.
Step 2. Select your favorites
- From the thumbnails page. Click select photos and over over the images to select your favorites.
- From the Photo itself: Once you find a keeper, click  the pretty heart to save to favorites.
- Click on "Save" as an extra safe step to store  you favorites!!!  Top left corner
Step 3. Share your favorites with me.
When you have selected all your favorites, go to the top left corner of the site (while logged in) and click on the Favorites Menu. Then click "Send to..." to share as you please.